Dental Services for everyone

At Les Soins Dentaires Saint-Antoine, we offer a range of services that will help you restore and maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Whether you need a routine cleaning, a complete examination, fillings, gum treatments or a root canal, every procedure is performed with the highest standards. At your first visit, we will assess the state of your dental health and provide you with a treatment plan that includes a detailed view of your needs and the treatments we are proposing. Some of the treatments we provide are as follows:

General Dentistry

The majority of routine treatments is included in this category: a complete examination of your teeth and gums, a routine cleaning, oral hygiene instruction, fillings etc.


Esthetics has become an important part of dentistry. We offer the latest in chair-side bleaching and take-home bleaching to make your teeth the whitest they can be. We would be pleased to assess which option suits you best.


A thin layer of porcelain or composite can be respectively cemented or chemically bonded to the tooth, to enhance or restore the esthetic look of your smile. With veneers, the color, shape and size of a tooth can be modified.

Crown and Bridge

When teeth are broken down or have very large fillings, they can be restored to full esthetics and function with the use of crowns or bridges. Crowns and bridges are especially important in preventing the loss of teeth due to breaks that render them unsalvageable. These prostheses cover the existing teeth to make them more solid.

Root canal therapy

When a tooth becomes infected because of a cavity, or due to trauma, root canal therapy is done to devitalize the tooth. This will remove the contaminated nerve tissue from inside the roots of the tooth, following which the tooth can be rebuilt with a post and/or crown.

Implant dentistry

Replacing missing teeth is now easier than ever with implants. Missing teeth are replaced with a titanium “screw” that is placed in the jaw, and a crown is placed on top of the implant to restore the missing tooth.

Gum treatments

Often, gums will become inflammed and bleed due to several factors including plaque and tartar accumulation. If this inflammation has progressed to a point where a routine cleaning isn’t enough to treat the gum disease, a deep cleaning, also called “curettage” or root planing, can be done to help the gums heal and return to a healthy and functional state.


When many or all teeth are missing, a partial or complete denture may be indicated. This removable prosthesis will restore function and esthetics and can be supported by implants if necessary.


Surgery to treat gum disease or to remove unsalvageable teeth can be done on site.

Invisalign Orthodontics (without braces)

In certain cases, teeth that are misaligned or rotated can be straightened without the use of braces. This new technology can re-design your smile, without the appearance of metal wires. We would be pleased to assess if this more convenient alternative is right for you.